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Getting your own software developed from us is super easy

Process for getting the turn-key Audit Software

Initial meeting
A small meeting to get to know your software requirements & fix basic scope of the project
Volume of audits
Analyse existing process. Get an estimate about number of audits performed per day and the overall workflow. Understand your existing system, modify and improve workflow as per Audit System
You get a quote for getting the system
Install system at our server or your server. Key in 'master' data and your business data
Two teams perform same audit. One team uses the traditional method, other team uses the Audit System
Audit System is modified as per inputs received during live field audit
Same as side-by-side, half of the audits are conducted using the Audit System for a minimum of 1 week
Last minute adjustments
Audit System is modified as per inputs received during run-a-week step
You will use Audit System for your audits. Billing starts from this phase onwards
Support provided throughout the lifetime of system

Process for getting a custom built audit system is similar.

Payment for Audit System will be based on per audits.
You can pay online at the end of every month using a private URL shared with you.

For one time, flat cost payment for Audit System, get in touch with us.